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Main Theme

This term our theme will be Ancient Eygpt. During the first part of the term we will be focusing on the historical and geographical elements of Eygpt, learning more about where it is located, the society and culture in the past. Children will be comparing life in Eygpt then and how things have changed in the modern day. For part of our design technology lessons, we will be using our measuring skills to design and make a shuduf (a device to help fetch water).



In Year 3/4 we will be looking at the character of Flat Stanley as he goes on his adventures to Ancient Eygpt. Children will be exploring different characters and will go on to write theier own story with a focus on the characters. We will also be using our creative skills and making Eygptian artifacts which children will then write the instuctions for what they have made.



Our maths learning this term will focus on place value and mental calculations. Children will learn what digits/numbers represent, how to ordering and compare larger numbers. Children will then go on to apply their knowledge by problem solving.



Next term our RE focus will be on Islam. The children will learn about Islamic beliefs, culture, prayer and way of life.



This term our theme will be Respect. The children will be developing their mindfulness skills and completing a variety of activities to build their respect in their learning and the wider community.